Freedom Campaign


Provoke & Educate

The “FREEDOM” Musical Film is designed to provoke thought & create a safe space for conversation about racial inequality in our nation. Fighting atrocity through art is a peaceful act aiming to bring attention to the devastation and trauma experienced by people of diverse ethnicities, culture and socio-economic backgrounds in America.


How to be part of the movement
Be an advocate for freedom

Share It

Share the “Freedom” Teaser and Musical Film with your social media network using the hashtag #FreedomCampaign.

Here are a few pre-crafted messages you can copy and paste to share with your network:

@shureemusic is shedding light on racial injustice and equality through her musical film "FREEDOM" check it out here:

"Until we all stand free together, everybody on your knees for #freedom" @shureemusic

Today, WE provoke thought & create a safe space for conversation. Be Part Of The Movement. #FreedomCampaign

Go Beyond 72 Hour Challenge

Give financially to our #WeHaveADream Campaign and help raise for Gladstone Studio || Detroit After School Arts Program. Give kids in Detroit the freedom to raise their voice creatively!

Bring freedom to
the marginalized.
the dreamers.
the innocent victims.
and leaders.

Raise Your Voice

Join the conversation.

Share your thoughts on racial reconciliation, systemic injustice or racial inequality in America through a podcast or video-cast interview with Shuree.

Partner with the 'Freedom Campaign' and let both of our missions be strengthened together.

Are you interested? Contact Shuree to find ways to collaborate.