About 4000 More Creative

Our Values

Culturally conscience, artistic experiences

We help our clients realize wholistic visions based on goodness, ethics, diversity, people, healthy way’s of working, excellence, innovation, faith and optimism.

Strategic Integration

In other words there is no point in creating art that is compelling if there is no strategy to leverage it’s impact. We care about your wholistic success.

Perpetual innovation & creativity

We are not looking for just one “big idea.” We believe where there is one, there are 4000 more. But don’t worry we will land the plane!

Meet the Founder & Creative Director

Shuree // Creative Director // Artist Curator

As a Recording Artist, Writer, Creative Director, Community Outreach Coordinator and Worship Leader who has toured Nationally, I have experienced the power of art bring people together. Living in Columbus to New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and now Detroit, I am convinced that the new world MLK dreamed of is found when we commit to bringing unity and beauty to creation.

We Believe

If you can imagine it, it can be performed.